Golf View Terraces

Santa Rosa, Laguna Condo

It features the view of the Fairways and proximity to the golf area.

Golf View Terraces

Project at a Glance
Project Location: South Forbes, Barangay Inchikan, Santa Rosa, Laguna
Turnover Date: Ready For Occupancy
Unit Sizes: 115.51 sqm to 159.18 sqm
Price Range: Php 82,800/ SQM


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Golf View Terraces By Cathay Land, Inc

Those in search of an amazing view from their home balconies will certainly find it in Golf View Terraces (GVT) that is perched on the ridge of the golf course. It features the view of the Fairways and proximity to the golf area. GVT exudes a Modern Asian touch – characterized by large windows, stone cladding, light colored walls, steel/aluminum railings and trellises so the whole structure will emerge seamlessly with the landscape. GVT has 30 condominium units comprising of 18 loft and 12 flat units. Units at the GVT cover a floor to ceiling height of 2.80 m for flat units and 4.80 m for loft units. Clients can choose from either 1-bedroom, 2-bedroomor 3-bedroom units.

Golf View Terraces provides investors with no handicaps, for business or for pleasure

A Holistic View to Golf?

Business deals are struck on the golf course. And it is usually in the clubhouse that businessmen and women celebrate their accomplishments going forward. But hardy sportsmen and women are hard at work trying to improve their golfing handicaps. Young men and women are as ambitious as they come. Many golfing enthusiasts of their ilk will be working very hard to go pro and go on to enjoy the fruits of their labors that membership of this rewarding sport has the potential to bring.

Because it is a central theme of the Golf View Terraces, this article necessarily begins with golf. Golf View Terraces’ developer, Cathay Land has put work into providing investors with something unique that goes well beyond eighteen holes of golf and the customary clubhouse. The golf course is world class, having been designed and developed by Asia’s foremost links builder, the International Management Group.

Another custom of golfing estates is the residential complex. Here, condominium suites afford its residents panoramic views of the course’s greenery. Alongside challenging sand-filled bunkers, fairways have been manufactured to perfection and water features provide picturesque views, reminding all and sundry just how precious this resource remains. And residents here have free membership to the golf club.

The Developer’s Philosophies

Cathay Land is a wholly owned Philippine company. Perhaps the best way to sum up this developer’s philosophy along with that of providing luxurious accommodations for middle income Filipinos is to suggest that it is fully compliant with regards to the country’s business and commercial laws. 

Apart from the Golf View Terraces, it has had a hand in many other property development projects, some of which are located very close to this golfing estate. The Bali Mansions, the Chateaux de Paris and one development simply named Miami, are all located in South Forbes.

The Developer’s Other Landmarks

Other landmark developments close to the Golf View Terraces, any from a few hundred meters to no more than two kilometers away from the prime golfing estate include Phuket Mansions, the Stanford Suites, the Tokyo Mansions, Scandia Suites and the Heritage Spring Homes.

The Landmark Overview

The Golf View Terraces’ residential units are perched on the edge of the state of the art and world class eighteen hole golf course. Privileged residents who have selected the right condo have a direct view of the course’s green fairway. Thematically and stylistically, the exterior décor invites new residents to what has been categorized as a ‘modern Asian touch’. This is further and pleasingly characterized by large windows, stone cladding and the use of steel in fixtures and fittings, and walls touched up with a light pallor.

Options to do with size and space

Amenable and investment choices are rather flexible given that new investors have no less than seven condo choices to make in line with size, number of rooms and condo theme. The basement choice if you will is the studio apartment. It is fit for purpose for young professionals just starting out in life and more than ready to make the first of many investments. Graduate to a one-bed-roomed condo, but still, decide between two options.

You will have to choose between a standard one-bed-roomed condo and one in the loft style. The same goes for the two and three bed-roomed condos. The jewel of the Terraces, however, seems to be the Loft Penthouse. From the smallest to the largest, condo sizes range in size from sixty two square meters to just under one hundred and forty two square meters.

Character features

Characteristic features of this golfing real estate development encourage the establishment of a community spirited aura. But the development has only been reserved for no more than five hundred families. Whether this is reasonable is entirely up to the investor who each has his or her own objectives in mind. Nevertheless, residents have the convenience of a thematic town center.

Golf played to win needs to ensure that fitness levels are optimized. It makes perfect sense, therefore, for this residential development to have its own gymnasium. There is a swimming pool and enclosed green gardens as well. A playground has been provided for the young children. And the entire complex is appropriately secured with twenty four hour security.

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Golf View Terraces - Location & Vicinity

First in the Philippines to offer separate themed community with exclusive amenities right in the heart of the booming Sta Rosa City and just 5 minutes away from various commercial establishments.

Institutional Location

The Golf View Terraces are located within the Silang municipality of the province of Cavite in the Philippines. Exact numbers are not available at this time but indications are that population numbers are a lot lower than average Filipino municipalities. Hence the developer’s firm restriction in limiting family accommodation at the Golf View Terraces to anything between two hundred to five hundred families. This can also be seen against the backdrop of retaining the exclusive character of the prestigious golfing residential estate.

The municipality, however, is home to the Philippine National Police Academy and the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction. Officially, the Silang municipality is part of the greater Metro Manila, commercial and legislative capital of the Philippines.

Silang’s Religious Majority

As is the case for a majority of Filipinos across the archipelago, a majority of citizens in this landlocked municipality are practicing Roman Catholics. However, like the rest of the country, Silang is very much a multi-cultural and multi-religious affair. Christian leaning denominations comprise the Adventists, the Baptists, the Jehovah’s witnesses, as well as those of the Protestant persuasion.

There does, however, seem to be something of an explosion where born again or charismatic renewal/revival church movements are concerned. The Community of Praise and the Community Harvest, among others, is spreading the good news that ‘Jesus is Lord’. And then there is Islam. A noteworthy religious anecdote is worth recalling. Jesus Christ is mentioned far more times in the holy Quran than the Christian Bible.

Places to Visit

Of course, all good and religious folks need their centers of worship. Fortunately for the religious majority, there are plenty of those which also bear the hallmarks of the region’s history. One such legacy is that of Our Lady of Candelaria Parish. It was established more than four centuries ago by men of the Franciscan order. A few years after this church’s foundations, Jesuit priests took it over. More than a century before the Jesuits were banished from the parish, it was dedicated to Our Lady of Candelaria.

She appears to remain in good company as the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette continues to draw devotees.  Those who do not wish to pursue a career in golf or business can always devote their attentions to study at the Catholic University. Otherwise, those with career aspirations will be going to the Cavite State University.

And what about the natural heritage?

History is preserved through the General Vito L Belarmino Monument. But affluent and family centered residents of the Golf View Terraces will also want to get away from it all, out in the country. Fortunately, they can, and there is much to look forward to. A visit to the Cabag Caves could be awe-inspiring for nature lovers. Those wishing to stay closer to home indulging in more placid affairs can make their way to the Gourmet Farms along the Aguinaldo Highway and the Teofely Gardens for eventful occasions.

Hungry lions can make their way to the Teofely Café to feast on organic and free range farm produce as well as their favorite authentic national dishes, including the crowd favorite pork dishes. In close proximity to the Golf View Terraces are the Premier Plaza Mall and the Estrella Hospital.

Competition for the Golf View Terraces

Those looking in should know that golf, whether played recreationally or professionally, remains a highly competitive sport. But the Golf View Terraces also has its own fair share of competition. The Riviera Golf and Country Club’s eighteen hole course was designed by American legend Fred Couples with German Bernhard Langer.

How to get there

One popular mode of transport in Silang, as is the case for the rest of the country, is that of the famous jeepney. Not wishing to travel from Metro Manila by this contraption, commuters can get to Silang by bus or car but expect the journey to take around two hours. It could have been a lot worse. At the time of writing about the Golf View Terraces, it has been twenty years since all road networks were finally developed to alleviate the many problems associated with congestion and pollution.

An agricultural legacy

A secure road infrastructure remains necessary to take care of the region’s ability to live up to its agricultural legacy. But first this. Golf View Terraces visitors can introduce themselves to this industry by visiting the Teofely Nature Farms. The Farms has received the stamp of approval of the Agricultural Training Institute.  Agricultural production here is export-oriented owing to the fact that local farmers tend to produce more than required by the local communities.

Today’s farmers are taking part in intercropping to alleviate soil erosion while maintaining high levels of agricultural activities. The main crops of Silang are bananas, coconuts, coffee beans, corn and the rich avocado. Meat lovers will be happy to know that poultry and swine farms are also a prominent feature of the agricultural landscape of the Silang municipality.


  • 3 minutes away to St. Scholastica Westgrove
  • 5 minutes away to Don Bosco
  • 5 minutes away to De La Salle University - Canlubang


  • 5 minutes away to Southern Luzon Medical Center
  • 5 minutes away to Fort Med Sta.Rosa
  • 15 minutes away to Asian Hospital

Commercial Centers

  • 5 minutes away to Paseo De Sta.Rosa Commercial Center
  • 5 minutes way to Rustans Suparmarket
  • 15 minutes away to SM Sta.Rosa
  • 20 minutes away to Robinsons Sta.Rosa
  • 30 mins away to Festival Mall & Alabang Town Center
Golf View Terraces Location

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Golf Course

Golf Course

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Front View

Terrace View

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3 Bedroom Unit

3 Bedroom Unit

Living Room

Living Room

Golf View Terraces - Features & Amenities

We have briefly mentioned the Golf View Terraces’ standard features and amenities. Now, perhaps, is a good time to stretch out on the fairway and put a foot down towards motivating potential investors to have a go as it were. You do not need to be an avid fan of the sport. Your main goal in coming over to settle at the Golf View Terraces is to surround yourself with peaceful and tranquil settings, all or mostly natural. No matter what your socio-economic status, you wish to reside in a small community far from the hustle and bustle of noisy and crowded traffic lanes and busy sidewalks typical of any one of Metro Manila’s fine cities. 

Coincidental features have everything to do with the game of golf

But it is a fortuitous development if you do happen to love the game of golf. You take the game that seriously, so much so that you need to practice your putting and drives most days of the week. You still need to work, mind you, and who has got the time to travel these days. You don’t need to. All you need to do is collect your clubs, lock your front door and stroll over to your familiar eighteen holes of practice.

Sporting motivations

Does familiarity breed contempt on the golfing links? Only a regular player can answer this question. Nevertheless, it was remarked upon earlier that serious golfers do have other links in Silang to visit. Either way, their greens are of international standards, fit for championship events.

Advantages of living on a golfing estate

One more putt and we must bid you farewell for the time being. But before we do that, let us take on another nine holes to motivate you to make a lifetime or long-term property investment in the Golf View Terraces. We are not about to repeat ourselves or regurgitate the facts, but there remain a number of advantages to living on a plush golfing estate. Open spaces and not much noise is what discerning investors might be looking forward to.  

This article introduced potential investors to the Golf View Terraces with an account of its developer’s own legacy. It then proceeded to inform readers on size options and available room numbers. It was necessary to make the point that the investment principle goes way beyond the purchased structure. What about its surroundings or location? From a business point of view, this is vitally important. Business developers in the food processing industry, for example, could see strategic value in relocating to a region which is famous for its abundant production of agricultural produce.

And, of course, on the Terraces estate proper, there is plenty of room to relax.

  • Driving Range
  • Golf Course

Golf View Terraces - Payment Option

How To Buy

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